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Sales Software and Websites to support your role are invaluable. If you work for a company it is most likely that you will be given business tools to use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) suite most likely.

The most popular world-wide is Whilst this is an amazing tool that brings the whole sales team together it does have some gaps in how a sales person manages his/her day to day activities.

Most sales people I know keep customer files on the desktop along with customer presentations, prospect lists etc.

This new software allows a sales person to organise his/her desktop and to keep all the customer files in one location. With links to CRM it does not replace but compliments and saves the sales person time (a valuable asset) with quick search and easy location of all areas a sales person needs and uses every day. A cool piece of software that has a really nice feature of a sales inspiration board pulling together all news feeds and images for the companies you are targeting as prospects. You can download a 90day free trial here

The selection of CRM is extensive and I would suggest that you download an evaluation version to see how the software works for you.

The link below provides advice and scoring on the range of CRM available.

This website does something similar

if you are a small business this link below focusses on smaller CRM solutions.

And again another website with reviews


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