All Things Marketing

Sales and Marketing go together like hands and gloves, neither will be successful in isolation and teams within companies have to work together.

The marketing plan has to feed the sales plan and vice-a-versa.

Too many companies work separately and the best companies have a joined up approach. Each area has its own set of skills and part to play.

This is where Marketing can help a sales person:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Integrity
  • Support Events
  • Provide Presentation materials
  • Generate Sales Leads
  • Support the CRM solution
  • Website look and feel and optimisation of google
  • Provide Product Feedback from Customers
  • Understand and scope the market potential
  • Provide competitive appraisals
  • Social Strategy
  • Feedback on product range and offering
  • Support RFP responses
  • Align the messaging and value proposition

It is important that the sales rep understands the role and place of marketing.

A few interesting reads to understand marketing strengths


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