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Hi, Thanks for dropping by....

I am Mark Lyness a sales professional with many years’ experience of selling in the B2B arena at all levels across a business.

I am not some super high sales performing guy who has a magic bullet and here to tell you how to sell and close deals. My website is a community based site where likeminded people can share ideas and network.

I continue to have a successful sales career and over my time on the road I have learnt a lot of good techniques and key information. I have met a lot of successful people in the professional Sales field and have shadowed, mentored and trained the best (and the worst). Like all professionals I am always looking to learn, to research and to develop and this means lots of “google” searches, purchase of books and lots of networking and training courses.

What would be a great idea is for one location and one Website that is dedicated to the professional sales community. A website that has all of the assets you need to be successful located in one place. (Oh I feel an idea forming)

I thought at one time LinkedIn could be that website but alas!

With this backdrop I have created this website and asset portal to be a “one stop shop” for all sales professionals to bookmark and to be part of a community. Where like-minded professionals can blog, chat, discuss and learn from each other. I have put together in one location everything that I consider essential tools for a professional sales career, however if I am missing a key element please let me know.

This community will build with more contributors and I am looking to evolve the website and information, please let me know what you would like to see and read moving forward.

We all have one common goal in sales - to close that sale!

So let’s help each other achieve our goals. There is enough business to go round for everyone to be successful in his and hers roles. I am a full quota bearing sales person and update the website in my spare time so bear with me. I do not want to be the single source of information and really want to build a community. A community that all face the same pressures to perform, to deliver results, pressure that only a professional sales person is able to really understand and comprehend. We are all in it together.

If you would like to support the website with blogs and advice, please register here for free. If you would like to provide feedback and comments, please send me a message here

Enjoy the website and for now Good Selling!


Lets get in touch and talk.


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